Chef Murders, Cooks, Transsexual Wife Then Commits Suicide

Chef murdered and cooked wife

File this under sicko to the nth degree! A chef found the most deranged way possible to spend the last moments here on earth. He murdered his significant other, and then cooked her; before taking his own life.

Mayang Prasetyo was the transsexual “wife” of the chef and markets herself online as a “top high-class Asian shemale.’’ She charged up to $435 an hour for her services, according to The NY Post.

Apparently, violence in the relationship of Prasetyo and husband Marcus Peter Volke, 28, was not new to everyone familiar with the couple. One time in particular, police recall Volke showed up at a hospital with a lacerated hand and told the staff that Prasetyo had cut him.

Prasetyo’s mother told the Courier-Mail her son used his wages to help put his siblings, ages 18 and 15, through school.

Mayang Prasetyo
Mayang Prasetyo


The couple, who resided in Brisbane, Australia, is said to have spoken to family as recent as this weekend, and no apparent problems in the relationship was evident.

But friends of Prasetyo said yesterday they had always held concerns about her husband, Marcus – calling him quiet, difficult to get to know, and “extremely cold.”

Prasetyo’s mother spoke exclusively to The Courier-Mail yesterday from her home in Lampung, Indonesia. She said she was devastated at the loss of her eldest child, who she referred to as her son Febri.

As the breadwinner of the family, Febri sent money home to Indonesia to support them.

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