Hey Married Women: Do You Have A ‘Backup Husband’ in Mind? Survey Says…

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*Talk about having a Plan B!

We know how important this is in daily life. But its usually reserved for things like, who is going to pick up the kids if you can’t; or, what will we have for the dinner party if the caterer is too expensive; and how about, what if that check doesn’t come through in time to pay the rent?

But ladies of the married persuasion, do you have a ‘Plan B’ on who will be your husband, if your current man doesn’t work out?

Survey says, yep! A whopping 50 percent of you do.

While this survey isn’t necessary scientific in nature, its conclusion was quite the brow raiser. Conducted by media site, the Daily Mail,  1,000 married women participated and at its conclusion, half of the women said they do have a man to fall-back on if their current marriage doesn’t go full term, so to speak.


And who would these plan B men be? Its probably no surprise that they’d be people you’ve known before. According to the survey, old friends with romantic intentions, ex-boyfriends, ex-husbands, colleagues or even someone from the gym.

For example:

You remember “Anthony” (people called him Tone) from around the way, don’t you. He adored the ground you walked on and all your friends thought he was the nicest guy, but there was that chipped front tooth you just couldn’t seem to get past back then. So you took fine-ass-perfect-looking-Eddie instead! Now that you have seen Eddie’s true colors over the years, you want to kick yourself for letting something as insignificant as a chipped tooth get in the way of what could’ve been a beautiful and solid relationship. Poor guy never married either. Hmm…

Hey, 10 percent of the study participants had similar revelations! They say their backup guy is someone from their past who had already confessed his love, and 20 percent of them even claim the dude would “drop everything” to be with her now, if she asked.

A spokesman for OnePoll.com — the online market research company who conducted the poll for the Daily Mail said, “For our research to establish that 50 percent of women in relationships have a ‘Plan B’ is a worrying sign.”

For who? Just kidding.

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