Lawyers Headed to Ferguson for Town Hall and Amendment to Protesters $40 Million Lawsuit

ferguson protestors

*Attorneys working on behalf of protesters in Ferguson are headed there this week for a town hall meeting and amendment to the lawsuit that seeks $40 Million in damages in order to add more plaintiffs to the suit.

With claims that the rash of police misconduct cases have reached epidemic proportions, the Atlanta office of the Greene Legal Group calls Ferguson Missouri a “microcosm of the macrocosm” and say the death of teen Michael Brown at the hands of officer Darren Wilson was a terrible tragedy.  They also call the “militaristic police response” to the peaceful protesters a terrible tragedy and say their clients will no longer “sit back and allow the actions of rogue police officers and improperly trained and managed police departments to take the lives and violate the rights of law abiding citizens.”

In an email to EURweb, attorneys Reginald A. Greene and James L. Walker, Jr., counsel to the plaintiffs, call the authorities “rogue police officers” because they say they believe that law enforcement is not evil by nature. Instead, they say the…departments that harbor them, maintain them or fail to remove them are like a deadly cancer that is not only destroying the integrity of, and public respect for, law enforcement as a whole, but also eroding the rights of law abiding citizens under the Constitution and laws of the United States in particular.

The attorney’s admit that law enforcement is a necessity in a civilized society, but add that it cannot function effectively when it operates to the detriment of law abiding citizens.

They add that,

“As with any disease that has been diagnosed, the next step is to eradicate it, compensate the victims and put in place preventive measures.  That is our mission in the Courts of Law.”

The message this group is sending in Ferguson is that that they have zero tolerance for rogue police officers who endeavor to take the lives or violate the rights of law abiding citizens.  The citizens will seek them out, bring them to justice and make sure that the rights of all victims of police misconduct are vindicated by any legal means necessary.  They will also seek out and bring to justice any law enforcement agency that (a) harbors, maintains, protects and/or fails to remove rogue officers; and/or (b) fails to discontinue the use of any unlawful police practices. 

If these law enforcement agencies will not voluntarily make these corrections to uphold the rights of law abiding citizens, we will seek out the victims and file law suit, after lawsuit, after lawsuit on their behalf until they receive just compensation and the violators are forced into compliance or go bankrupt trying to resist.

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