Bizaar! African Woman Claims Her Baby ‘Instantly Transformed’ Into Full-Grown Man’


*Coming straight out of Africa, The Daily Observer reports  a story about the son of a 16-year-old woman who has made history in what has to be called the weirdest tale ever!

Lorpu Kollie, the mother of just recently former infant Smith Freeman, claims that her baby spoke to her as she was walking to a farm with him. She said he demanded that she untie the baby sling she was holding him in and put him down.

She did.

Then, according to journalist Marcus N Malayea, who wrote the story, ‘As soon as she put Smith down, the two-month-old boy instantaneously began to grow into a full-grown man.’

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger!

Apparently, the little boy was unhappy the grandmother  had been continually insulting him.

‘He even threatened to bring incense and garlic into the home,’ the journalist wrote in the exclusive.

But then, when the transformation was complete, the little boy…er,  ‘man’ – apparently ran into the bush, and hasn’t been seen since.

Lorpu insists that her son ‘did not have any scar or deformity on his body that could convince community dwellers that the baby was somehow belonging to the dark world’.

And Smith’s father, Watson Freeman, simply called his son’s disappearance  ‘incredible and mind-blowing’.

But amazingly, the family’s main concern is how (or I would even suspect if) Lorpu may be stigmatised in the community by what has happened to her son, and ‘drive away any man who may wish to take her as a future wife’.

Yep, they’ve got reasons for concern, wouldn’t you say?

But check this out, while you may be thinking EURThisNthat has totally lost their mind, not every commenter feels that way. Yes, there are some, like Jim Terri below, who say the story, published in Liberia, has been fabricated as a cover-up.

‘As long as Liberians believe these sort of things, they will never prosper. This is what is keeping people in darkness… fear and superstition.’

But other readers didn’t even question it.

Yini Guva Sahn wrote: ‘Interesting story. Did this girl have a cell phone to take a shot? It would have been nice to see the transformation from a child to a grown man in minutes. Photos would have added juice to this story.’

I know you guys have something a lot less “proper” to say. Let ‘er rip in the comments section below, y’all 🙂

3 thoughts on “Bizaar! African Woman Claims Her Baby ‘Instantly Transformed’ Into Full-Grown Man’”

  1. It sounds like the baby is a Taltos. Anne Rice has several Taltos beings in her series on the Mayfair witches. One branch of the Mayfair family lived out in the swamp near New Orleans. A Taltos was born and an elderly woman said it was a “walkin’ baby” and that her people had always killed them as soon as they were born. The Taltos people were an ancient race who survived the destruction of their home island and moved to England, well before humans came to the British Isles. The Mayfair family was very inbred and some had genes in common with the Taltos beings. The Taltos did not hate humans, but their encounters with humans almost always resulted in someone getting killed, usually the human. Or else the whole story from Liberia is a cover-up by a woman who killed her baby.

  2. This “woman” was only 16 years old. She shouldn’t have a baby, she should be in school getting an education. Her life has been screwed up by getting pregnant and having a baby as a young teenager. The baby is a burden to her – she wants to play with her friends. So she kills the baby and comes up with this preposterous cover story.

    I can’t believe people are so gullible. Perhaps, they, like her, are just so poorly educated and innocent of the realities of life that they readily believe such nonsense. And superstition is rife in Africa. So many such ridiculous stories, especially of witches casting spells, are published in the press in African countries. It’s all so tragic. If Boko Harum has it’s way all young girls will all be like her – uneducated slaves to reproduction and sex! What Africans need is sex education, affordable contraception and decent education.

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