Rescue Team Works Feverishly, Saves Dog Who Fell Into Tar Pit! (Watch!)

"Yeah...I'm cute now, but you should've seen me a few days go
“Yeah…I’m cute now, but you should’ve seen me a few days ago!”


*We know how curious our four-legged friends can be, right? Always getting in to things they shouldn’t; then trying to look at you with those doggie eyes, and making your bottom lip tremble because you probably feel guilt for punishing him or her by eating in front of him and not offering ANY!

But whose heart wouldn’t go out for the poor pooch in the video below (scroll down), who fell into – of all things – a hot tar pit!

Covered in the thick black sticky substance with twigs, bits of leaf, and dirt stuck to him, the dog first appears to have died, but then we actually see a twitch of the eye, and hope abounds!

Dog fell into tar

The lucky dog was rescued by a group of people any true dog lover would want to send a viral kiss to. They are rescue workers from the Animal Aid Centre in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, who gently massaged the dogs body with vegetable oil and managed to save it.

The tar, which had hardened around the dog, gradually loosened over two days, and came off in clumps, bit by bit.

Dog, people help clear tar dog

The end result is nothing short of remarkable. A happy ending indeed as the dog is seen leaping around happily and is barely recognizable from the dog frozen solid at the start of the 1.35-minute long YouTube clip.

His chocolate-brown fur visible for the first time as he wags his tail and eats.

Thank you, you dog-loving team of people! Sending you a viral MUAH!

Here’s the video…

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