Yo’ Bruh, Did You Really Trade a $160,000 Diamond Ring for a $20 Bag o’ Weed?

Walter Earl Morrison

*If this gets around, dude can rest assured he will be the laughing stock of lock-down for quite some time.

ABC-15 claims a former UPS employee in Arizona has been accused of stealing a package that held a $160,000 diamond and traded it for $20 worth of weed.

Yeah. Word!

Dude’s name is Walter Earl Morrison, and he’s 20-years old. A probable cause statement obtained by The Smoking Gun says Morrison actually thought money was in the package that he allegedly swiped while unloading cargo at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. But instead, the pricey stone was inside.

Authorities say the “half-baked bandit” traded the diamond for the equivalent of two joints of marijuana.

Ouch. Sounds like he was on a serious jones, wouldn’t you say?

They got the diamond back and returned it to the intended recipient.

Morrison was arrested Sept. 16 on a felony theft charge. He is scheduled for arraignment Oct. 1.


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