Media Site Gets ‘F**k It, I Quit’ Reporter, Charlo Greene, to Light Up On-Air (Watch!)

Former news reporter turned official marijuana legalization spokesperson, Charlo Greene
Former news reporter turned official marijuana legalization spokesperson, Charlo Greene


*Charlo Greene is riding high on the wave of her new-found celebrity as the first reporter to break the rules of professionalism (forget journalism) on-air by delivering her resignation via a “F**k it, I quit!” message to her employer and the TV viewing audience at once, on LIVE TV!

The now classic incident went viral immediately and Greene is now making TV appearances as a result, to publicize, she says, the need for Alaska to legalize marijuana, and to  steer voters away from the state’s “Vote No On 2” campaign. You’ve got to give this girl credit for one thing, she knows how to milk a moment and entertain us at the same time!

Just not sure if her strategy will help pot get legalized in her state in the process.

I mean the whole, “Look, I can smoke a joint and still be just as lucid” example might not hold up over say, a 30 or 45-minute time frame, if you get my drift.

Towards the end of her interview with Huffpost Live reporter Alyona Minkovski, who by the way revealed that she, too, supports the legalization of marijuana, got Greene to fire up the joint she had been holding on air. Greene, obviously encouraged by the question, “Are you waiting for this interview to be over before you light that up?” quickly dispelled that assumption with, “I’ll spark up right now. It is what it is. I’m in the privacy of my own home. I can spark up,” she told the host, as if she had no clue, forgot, or just didn’t give a damn, that she was also talking to a news reporter via Skype.


charlo lights up

Minkovski showed Greene footage of an apology from KTVA’s news director, who went on air to speak to viewers immediately following the incident . He referred to Greene’s behavior saying that she “betrayed the basic bedrock of responsible journalism” by reporting on a business that she was the owner of, the Alaska Cannabis Club.

Greene responded to the accusation by admitting to HuffPost Live that she knows she acted unethically. “It’s true. I have a journalism degree. I know in journalism there’s a line that you’re not supposed to cross, and the minute I bought my business license on 4/20 of this year, I shouldn’t have reported on any marijuana stories. But if I had gone to my boss and said, ‘Hey, I bought this company,’ I would have been fired, period. I wasn’t ready for that to happen.”

Oh, I see. She wasn’t ready for that to happen? Perhaps she needed a few more paychecks before the big reveal?
Alyona Minkovski of Huffpost Live
Alyona Minkovski of HuffPost Live
I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge what I am sure diehards “in the industry” surely must have realized; the day that Greene got her license was probably no coincidence. “420” happens to be the official codename for marijuana.


And the fun doesn’t stop!

Watch the video of the HuffPost interview with Charlo Greene directly below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments section! I’ll even pass them on to Charlo Greene if you specify I should do so.

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