Oh No He Didn’t: Anchor Matt Pieper Didn’t Realize He Was Still on Air When He Let ‘Er Rip!

Matt Pieper drops the F-Bomb on air.
Matt Pieper drops the F-Bomb on air.


*Hey, at this point no one would blame you at all if you’re thinking, “Oh Snap. Not again.” What with the recent experience of a very dramatic on-air exit from Miss “F**k it. I Quit!” in Alaska; in a all-or-nothing attempt to supposedly publicize the legalization of weed in Alaska. We now have another story about an anchor with a potty mouth. Only you can see how red this dude’s face got when he realized he was still on the air!!!

In the Bronx, New York, News 12 anchor Matt Pieper went on a brief but very audible rant to a colleague about “people relying on government assistance” during a news bulletin. But lawd have mercy, he didn’t mean to blast it to the masses.

Pieper thought his segment had been cut short but his voice was still being broadcast, telling reporter Amy Yensi:

“And Dave wants you to also mention that parents do their f*cking jobs and walk their little kids to school on their own and not rely on everyone else. Kind of like people rely on government assistance for their entire lives. And bye Felicia. I actually added the part about government assistance but it’s true. I mean, how old are these kids?”

When Yensi suggested that she, too, may qualify for government assistance, this fool stuck his foot further in his mouth saying, “Just check that box, girl.”

To which Yensi responded,

“Hashtag EBT,” referencing the acronym for Electronic Benefit Transfer.

News 12’s Facebook page was flooded with angry complaints, leading it to make a statement about the “technical error” and distance itself from Pieper’s words.

“As a result of a technical error during a program break this morning, a personal conversation between an anchor and a reporter was unintentionally placed on air,” it posted. “News 12 the Bronx deeply regrets that this incident took place. The remarks of these individuals in no way reflect the views of News 12 management or other News 12 personnel.”

Pieper, who has yet to comment, has deleted one of his Twitter accounts, and the other one is protected.

But something tells me, this ain’t over yet. Pieper, we await your statement. You know, the one that starts with “I apologize for my unprofessional behavior. If I offended…”

Save it. We’ve heard it before, dude.

See the on-air mess up in the video directly below.

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