Mother Drops Infant She Was Holding in Toilet After Being Shot and Killed By Boyfriend

Jessica Arrendale, Facebook
Jessica Arrendale, Facebook

*Good lord. This sounds like a movie you wish was never released. It’s another senseless murder at the hands of domestic abuse. This time its 33-year-old Jessica Arrendale, who went to dinner with her boyfriend Antoine Davis, 30. Davis got drunk during the evening and became abusive. Apparently, this was his usual mode of operandi according to his girlfriend’s mother, Teresa Ionniello, who became a constant “buffer” in the couples’ rocky relationship. Upon their return to Arrendale’s three-story townhouse in the Oakdale Bluffs section of Atlanta, Davis, a former Marine who served in Iraq, chased Jessica up the stairs, got his rifle and shot her dead.

WSB Radio did an exclusive interview with Teresa Ionniello, who told them that her daughter, Jessica, had attempted to defend herself with a baseball bat. But Davis took the bat away from her and used it against her; striking the woman with it repeatedly.

During the beating, Arrendale was holding the couple’s six-month-old daughter Cobie in her arms. When she was able to escape Davis’ blows at one point, she ran and locked herself and her baby, in the bathroom. But Davis grabbed his rifle, broke into the bathroom and shot Arrendale in the head.

Antoine Davis, Facebook
Antoine Davis, Facebook

She was still holding Cobie when she fell over the toilet. Dead. Dropping the infant inside.

After shooting Arrendale, Davis entered Cobie’s room and shot himself dead.

The police, who probably began getting calls from neighbors hearing the commotion, were hesitant to enter the premises fearing their presence would spark a violent outbreak by Davis. So they sent a robot inside to investigate the scene – but the machine couldn’t navigate the stairs of the townhouse.

They still didn’t know that Davis and Arrendale were dead. So for 13 hours Cobie remained in the toilet bowl covered by her mother’s body. The police finally entered the house and rescued her.

Currently, Cobie is in the care of Children’s Health Care Of Atlanta at Scottish Rite Hospital where she is recovering from injuries sustained during her mother’s beating. Her grandmother, Ionniello, who is the guardian of her older sibling, plans to adopt her as well. Police believe if Arrendale hadn’t saved Cobie, Davis would have killed her as well.

Friends of Arrendale have set up a Go Fund Me page to help pay for her funeral expenses and support her two daughters’ future educational paths. Currently, the fund has earned $34,598. You can donate here.

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