Dramatic Photo! L. A. Woman Crouches and Hides on Rooftop to Escape Looming Intruder!

Woman hides on roof

Oh god. Doesn’t this look like the worse nightmare you’ve ever had. An intruder looms above as you hide, crouching, beneath the ledge directly below. And on top of that, you are on a slanted roof. But fortunate for you, you get to wake up from the nightmare; whereas the woman pictured above, won’t.

I am sure the story will play itself in her memory for a long time to come. Because to her, it was real.

Early on Wednesday morning a transient kicked down the front door of a woman identified as Melora Rivera in Venice Beach and all she had time to do was grab her cellphone and run.

Where…up to her roof.

Rivera crawled out of the window, onto the second-story roof of her home, where she hid – crouching under a ledge – while the transient intruder looked for her close by.

She  was able to call 911 and waited for the officers to arrive.

The entire thing was captured by a witness on the ground and the dramatic pictures have since gone viral on social media.

Rivera was only wearing a flannel shirt when the horrific incident happened, according to a KTLA report that identified her by name.

The intruder was identified by Los Angeles police as 29-year-old Christian Hicks.

For more information go to L. A. Times.

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