Frightened Dog Clings to River’s Edge, But What Is That Watching Over Him! (Photos)

Officer Randy Lopez escorts a frightened, "White Boy," from that scary wall.
Officer Randy Lopez escorts a frightened, “White Boy,” from that scary wall.

*Wow! I’ve heard of gentle giants, but this one may take the cake!

Residents in the Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa thought they heard something weird coming from the river on Friday night. Then, the next morning, they noticed a cute, but frightened, dog holding on for dear life to a cement wall at the side of the river.

But thankfully, he wasn’t alone. Something “had his back” all along.

A call came in to the Tampa Police Department’s Marine Patrol unit on Saturday morning, and they responded quickly. But as they were setting up the equipment to rescue the stranded animal, officer Jodie Maxim snapped a fortuitous photo. A giant manatee had been poised in the water, watching over the frightened animal all along.

Manatee keeps watch

The picture was posted to the police department’s Facebook page with the note, “You don’t see that every day, and it’s a great reminder … the importance of kindness.”

The dog, which looks like a Pit-mix, was rescued by officer Randy Lopez, a 30-year-veteran with the department who told ABC News,

“They’re curious by nature so I’m sure the sound of the dog splashing in the water trying to get up the sea wall got his attention and he came over to investigate, maybe calm the dog and tell him it was going to be alright.”

The dog, named “White Boy,” was soon joined by his family, who had come out to see what all the commotion was about.

Dog, Family of White Boy
“White Boy” is obviously glad to see his family!


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