OMG: Fla. Woman Claims She Paid $20K to Plastic Surgeon for 3rd Breast (Video)

three breasted woman

*You ever ask yourself why people do some of the weird stuff they do? Like, what the heck were they thinking when they decided on that outfit? Or, why that hair color? Well, next to this story you’re about to hear, those two examples are going to make you doubt your own sense of judgement. Betcha never thought you’d see a women who had surgery that intentionally left her with three breasts. Apparently two weren’t enough, she needed one more.

And you won’t believe why.

Jasmine Tridevil is a 21-year-old Florida woman who went through the shocking cosmetic surgery to add a third breast. Of course she got major publicity when she decided to go on Orlando’s Real Radio 104.1 to share her unusual story.

Tridevil is a massage therapist who reportedly paid $20,000 for the surgery (which has yet to be verified), and said she signed papers to keep the identity of the doctor who performed the procedure a secret.

She apparently wants all the attention she is getting; and shares photos of her unique cleavage on social media in hopes of viewers clicking and sharing and circulating her story. She even does hashtag campaigns and writes, “Jasmine Tridevil is a woman who got a 3rd breast implant,”  on her Facebook page. “[She] films her daily life in Tampa to show the struggles she faces because of her surgery.”

3 breasts2

But check this out, Tridevil wasn’t desiring to be more sexual when she got the surgery, just the opposite, in fact.

“I got it because I wanted to make myself unattractive to men,” she explained. “Because I don’t want to date anymore.”

Pray for a pimple girl! Not another breast!!!

Apparently, girlfriend is not done yet! It looks like just the beginning of a promo tour to show off her assets. Did you catch her on Inside Edition last Monday! How about Jimmy Kimmel? I’m sure that’s one Kimmel won’t let us soon forget.

Read more about Ms. Tridevil at Us Magazine and WATCH the video directly below.

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