Oh No He Didn’t! Lonely Man Made Repeated Calls to 911 Just Because…

911 operator

*911 what’s your emergency? Unfortunately, many of us have heard the stoic voice over the phone when we have had the misfortune of needing the service. But chances are, none of us ever called the number just because we were lonely.

Until now…

A Pennsylvania man was charged with calling 911 three times to report false “emergencies” simply because he was lonely and wanted paramedics to show up.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review  52-year-old Gregory Shaffer was put in jail after his arraignment Wednesday on charges of making false reports to authorities.

Penn Township police say Shaffer called Westmoreland County’s 911 center three times over a four hour period on July 30 with various false complaints. The first time, Shaffer claimed he had fallen down some stairs and injured his head and neck. Paramedics say they found him intoxicated but otherwise well and calmly waiting inside his home.

No attorney has been listed for Shaffer through online court records but he is in the county jail and faces a preliminary hearing Tuesday.

Perhaps he’ll enjoy the company of his cellmates

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