Walmart Has New ‘Dress Code’ They Want Employees to Pay For…Worker’s Pissed!

walmart workers dress code

 *Of all the crappy things to happen to the already underpaid Walmart workers, now the store wants some of the WMT staff to adhere to a new mandatory “dress code” and to add insult to injury, the company expects the employees to pay for the clothes!

The “new look” calls for employees to wear a navy blue or white polo shirt and khaki or black pants or skirts. It also requires the return of the Walmart vest, but the company will pay for that.

The new dress code and the employee backlash were first reported by Gawker.

But this may not be a problem for long because if it turns out the new look is a “uniform” and not a “dress code” Walmart will have to pay for the clothes.The U.S. Department of Labor says companies must pay for a “uniform,” but not clothes required to comply with a “dress code.

If you wonder if its legal for Walmart to require its employees to pay for a polo shirt and pants of a certain color?

Yes it is, according to Judy Conti, Federal Advocacy Coordinator at the National Employment Law Project. She told The Guardian that what Walmart is doing is legal.

“When an employer selects clothing you could wear anywhere else, they are not required to pay for it,” Conti said. “Black or khaki pants – it doesn’t come more basic than that. White or navy blue shirt: now, maybe you don’t wear white or maybe you don’t wear navy, but I’ll bet you wear one of them.”

Heidi Moore of The Guardian tells Yahoo Finance she thinks Walmart is asking too much of employees who already make too little.

“It is pretty much an egregious issue… it’s a huge chunk of their take-home pay and Walmart employees have been complaining for years – and even staging protests and walk-outs – that they are not paid enough, that they’re not paid a living wage.”

Read more at Yahoo Finance.

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