Study Shows ‘Spanking Favored’ in African American Households…Do You Agree?


*It’s times like this, in light of the whole Adrian Peterson issue, you might want to raise your hand and say, ‘Uh-Uh. Don’t group me with that bunch”…or not. But according to a study out of the University of Chicago, African Americans (and Republicans) agree on at least one thing: spanking as a way to discipline your child is perfectly OK.

“Republicans are more likely than either Democrats or independents to favor spanking,” according to the website FiveThirtyEight, which analyzed the numbers. And according to a survey, 80 percent of born-again Christians support spanking. But overall support among the rest of the people surveyed was at 65 percent and decreasing. As of 2012, 70 percent of the people surveyed favored spanking.

The study says that black Americans, more than any other race, are more likely to spank their kids. No surprise there, is it? Probably has a lot to do with all the spankings we received as children.

Remember, grandma had you go outside and pick the switch off the tree? And that was when the ironing cord wasn’t readily available.

Because of Adrian Peterson, we will no doubt be hearing much more dialogue on this topic.

For my two-cents: Peterson went way beyond “spanking.” I referred to beatings with switches earlier, that too, is excessive. I see spanking as more of using nothing but your hand. You can hit a child even once on the backside to prove your point. But when you get into long, drawn out, hitting that turns into more of a “beating.” That’s different.

Read more at News One.

What is your opinion on spanking a child. Will you please comment in the section below?


2 thoughts on “Study Shows ‘Spanking Favored’ in African American Households…Do You Agree?”

  1. Spanking is very much a part of how we as Afrikans discipline our children, not beating black eyes, breaking babys limbs etc..There is a difference. Peterson is thrust into this media frenzy, arrested and about to lose a position with an NFL team for a switch on his own child,but Darrin Wilson can MURDER a child( Micheal Brown) with out arrest, never seeing the inside of a court room not to mention a jail cell.

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