Russell Simmons Cares: Partners With Nonprofit for #SchoolsNotPrisons Campaign (Video)

Schools Not Prisons Campaign

*Russell Simmons continues to show the stuff that he is made from. He has always appeared to make good, sound, choices and now, with in a partnership with a nonprofit organization called Californians for Safety and Justice he is using his brand to help create an ad campaign that is hard to ignore. It reveals the staggering investment put into state prisons versus the investment put into the public school system.

No, not news that we have never heard before. But news that needs to stay in the forefront until change happens.

Simmons and Californians for Safety and Justice have created a PSA that shows children talking about the careers they hope to have.

Then the sobering statistics kick in.

Michael Skolnik, Editor In Chief of Global Grind, told NewsOne,

“When Russell and I found out that ever year California spends $62,300 per prisoner vs. $9,100 per K-12 student, we had to do something. We went to work and executive produced a very important PSA about misappropriating funds in the justice system at the expense of the education system.”

The campaign, which has garnered support from artists including Jay-Z, Diddy and Swizz Beats according to Skolnik, wants the state to fix the discrepancy in spending.

“This spot, part of a larger #SchoolsNotPrisons public education campaign, calls for Californians to come together and demand that California replace prison and justice system waste with common sense solutions that create safe neighborhoods and save public dollars,” Skolnik added.

CALL TO ACTION: Let’s stand with Russell Simmon’s and Californian’s for Safety and Justice to convince this state that spending more on our schools and the education of our children can significantly reduce the need for more prisons in the future.

See the PSA directly below

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