Sarah Palin: Makeup Free and No Wedding Band…Girl, Did We Catch You On A Bad Day?

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*Mrs. Sarah Palin, what do we have here? You’ve decided to run  errands in your beloved Anchorage, Alaska without the grace of your usual face, and now you are rushing to your car in an attempt to shield your face from the camera because you want to be on the down-low.

Surely, you will forgive the paps for not recognizing your obvious plea for privacy. Those silly boys are not used to this “low-profile Sarah” and they still have questions about the alleged drunken brawl they hear your family was involved in at your husband Todd Palin’s birthday celebration. How is he, by the way. I ask because the paps are trying to make a big deal out of the fact that you are not wearing your wedding ring. Wouldn’t you know it…They have questions about that too.

But I’ve got you covered on that one, Mrs. Palin. ‘Cause us girls gotta stick together right? So I want to share with those nosy paps all the possible  reasons why you may not be wearing your precious ‘Til death do us part’ symbol. Because the media is always jumping to conclusions when, in all fairness, it may be something quite simple.

One. When you washed your face after returning home the morning after the party, you took your ring off and sat it on side of the sink and forgot to put it back on.

Two. Your fingers are still  swollen from all the alcohol you drank at the party and now the ring won’t fit.

Three. At the party, Todd said some pretty effed up stuff and you took the ring off and threw it at him. Now it has been found by the janitor who was sweeping up afterwards and is probably being sold on Craigslist.

Four. You just didn’t feel like wearing the damn thing today.

Five. Oh, I don’t have my ring on? I’m still hung over. I didn’t even notice.

Watch the video below, and tell us why you think Mrs. Palin is not wearing her ring.

Well that was then. A few days later Sarah has posted a response where she pretty much owns the look. In fact, she’s poking fun at her makeup-free face

The former Vice Presidential candidate says she looks like a sheepdog. Yeah, that she does.

Check out this report:

2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: Makeup Free and No Wedding Band…Girl, Did We Catch You On A Bad Day?”

  1. Yukky! Without the shovefulls of make-up we can see now how her outside truly matches her inside.

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