(What Do You Think This Reporter Was Really Thinking?) When She Was Interrupted


woman interrupts reporter

*Poor Sherika Phillips. Under her very professional reporter posterior while speaking for television station WMC-TV (Action News5) on Live camera about the massive flooding that has occurred in Memphis on Thursday, and a very thin woman who looks like she had been out all night getting drunk or high at best, steps into the camera frame and says,  “I been over here since 2003 and this is the 5 times [sic] this motherf*cker done…” and walks off camera. The reporter resumes as best as possible before there is a cut to the studio!

For the record…

You handled it like a true professional, Ms. Phillips. Now I hope you won’t mind that the EUR readers and I are going to have a little fun and try to guess what you were really thinking before you “readjusted.”

Wait! Wait! I’ll go first.

Seeing the obviously drunk or newly sober stranger stepping into view in your peripheral you thought, “WTF! would you mind just letting me get through with my sh*t first, please.”

Readers: What do you think the reporter’s first thoughts were? No need to hold back. The funnier the better. Be sure to post your answer(s) in the “comments” section of EURThisNthat. I’ll publish the best ones!

But please, you’ve got to watch the video below first. Its hilarious!

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