See Dog’s Happy Face During Spa Bath, While the Sight of Another Eating 43 Socks Will Gag You!

Ahhh…Heaven must be like this.

*The look on the face of this doggie will make any dog-lover smile. Hopefully, it will also reiterate the fact that your dog really enjoys things like spa days and even massages (just ask my dog about that last one!).

We just thought you’d like to see a video of just how much fun this pampered pooch is having as he lays back in the tub – eyes closed, with paws akimbo, while he gets bathed with loving care.

As you will see, there is a line waiting for this kind of soapy attention. Woof. Woof. Sorry Lab, you’ll have to wait your turn!

And while one canine spends a day relaxing at the spa, another is getting his stomach pumped.

Socks eaten by dog

*Yes, each and every one of the socks pictured above was pulled from the stomach of a 3-year-old Great Dane. Because dogs generally eat things based on how good they smell, I am not sure how this doggie got confused and decided to gulp down a sock…excuse me…43 socks.

But he did.

And after his owners found him in poor shape, i.e. groaning and gagging, they thought they’d better take him to the animal hospital in Portland, Oregon.

The hospital took X-rays and confirmed the treasure chest of socks in the animal’s stomach. A two-hour operation was required to remove them all. Below is a picture of the X-ray showing the socks in the canine’s belly.

Dogs Xray

Yes, the doggie survived; but he’s probably thinking, what’s that stinky smell on my tongue?

Dr. Ashley Magee, from the DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital, said it was one of the most bizarre incidents the hospital had ever encountered and broke hospital records, unsurprisingly.

She told CNN: ‘We opened up his stomach and kept removing sock after sock of all different shapes and sizes.’

Veterinarians at the hospital were so impressed with the haul that they entered it into the annual ‘They ate What?’ competition and won $500 (£304) for third place.

First and second place winners were a frog who ate 30 rocks in his cage, and a German shorthaired pointer who managed to consume a kebab skewer.

Don’t worry, they both survived.

Nope, we didn’t forget the video about the doggie spa day. After that last story, you’re probably needing to see it right about now. Scroll down.

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