Watch This Kid’s Response To His Mom Being Pregnant…Again! (Hilarious!)

Kid cant believe moms pregnant

*You may have often wondered what kids would say about the making of large families if they could actually articulate. Would they say, “Mom, I don’t want another brother or sister,” or “Oh no, not another one!” Those responses sound quite tame next to the ones this little fella came up with.

All I can say is…priceless. Here’s to you as you sip on your morning cup if java!

Military mom Shanee Gibson Hart was apparently so ticked by her son’s response to the news of his new sibling-to-be, she uploaded the video to Facebook of her letting her son, Tré, know about the addition to the family, and his reaction will make you laugh out loud!

Kid, mom u pregnant again

Tre is already a big brother to little sister Amiyah, So he was NOT pleased to hear the news:

What were you thinking?! Why you having another baby?! You just had two! So why do you…why…this is exasperating! Because you just got two! So why do you wanna get another baby and just replace one of your babies and it’s just too much!


That doesn’t make no sense! This makes no sense!


By the end, Tré accepted the inevitable and rather than continue to fight, he asked his mom for ear plugs so he won’t have to deal with another crying baby!

I say we don’t give kids enough credit for making good sense sometimes.

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Watch it below:

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