OMG! The Things People Leave Behind…At A Crime Scene, No Less!


*How dumb can a burglar be, you ask? Pretty darn dumb, apparently.

It has become much easier to investigate criminal activity and capture the bad guys (or set the innocent ones free) with all the advancements in forensic tools and DNA, but even if these tools were still in primitive mode, criminals have left behind some of the dumbest things that many times led the authorities right to their front door.

Thanks to here is 10 Incredible Things Left Behind At The Scene Of A Crime. Chances are, you won’t see any stories like this on CSI!

1. Wait! Are those false teeth?

You betcha!

We’ll just give you the pertinents – you’ll have to visit for the details.

The teeth belong to 38-year-old Justin Stansfield, who decided to eat some of the goodies he found when he broke into a garage in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, England. So what did he do? He removed his false teeth and forgot to put them in afterwards!

2. Your wallet and ID for a bottle of wine, dude. Seriously?

Wallet with ID

OK, so Steven Diaz obviously didn’t think this one through. It’s Friday night, he’s hanging out at Von’s in Pasadena, California and he’s a little short of cash but he wants a bottle of wine. But wait! He got the wine, but he never intended to pay for it at all. So he gets into a scuffle with the store’s security guard and drops his wallet with all his ID in it as he dashes into…get this…a waiting car!

3. This genius actually wrote an I.O.U.!


Hey, he said he was a financial advisor, but he didn’t exactly say you could trust him! Over a four year period, Graham Price stole from the bank he worked at, and dozens of investors! A cash audit was what got him busted. Three boxes, taped together, were found in a safe. Price had left a note saying he had “Borrowed seven milion pounds ($12M in U.S. currency) from the bank and signed the note. Priceless.

4. If you’re going to help yourself to the OJ, at least throw away the carton, fool!

Orange juice

Poor lady came home to a ransacked house and frantic dog. Her home had been burglarized. When her husbnd started looking through the items strewn all over the place, he noticed a used orange juice carton in the sink. The forensic people took it and got all kinds of DNA. You can imagine how this story ended.

There is much more. Check out how foolish burglard are as told by the stuff they leave behind. Visit

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