Watch: John Crawford III Shot ‘On-Sight’ at Wal-Mart According to Video

John Crawford III

*One thing about a surveillance video, it’s hard to argue with it. Evidence documented on-camera has a way of abruptly halting the whole “he said, she said” yakedy-yak. And lately, it has served to identify many a cop who may have been – how should we say – less than truthful about why they fired a weapon that killed someone. A new video reviewed by the attorney of John Crawford III, the young African American man who was shot and killed in a Beaver Creek Wal-mart store by white officers – and the Crawford family, shows that the two cops involved clearly have some explaining to do. As it turns out, Crawford was unarmed. The BB gun he was accused of holding was not in his hands. In fact, he was on the phone; not even facing the officers who shot him.

A far cry from the story the officers and a witness told.

At least, that’s what his family’s attorney has said after being allowed to review surveillance video from the fateful Aug. 5 incident at the store, the Raw Story reports.

According to attorney Michael Wright, the surveillance video showed Crawford leaning against the unpackaged pellet rifle, supporting his body, while he spoke on the phone, with his back turned to the police.

“John was doing nothing wrong in Wal-Mart—nothing more, nothing less than shopping,” Wright said of the video, which the state’s attorney general permitted him to see, according to the report.

Wright said that the young man, who was a father, was “shot on sight” in a “militaristic” response, the Raw Story notes.

In original reports, police said that the 22-year-old had refused to drop the weapon after being ordered to do so. A shopper who witnessed the shooting said that the young man “looked like he was going to go violently.”

Clearly, Wright’s account of what happened is a contradiction of the witnesses’ report. The attorney added that, given the footage, it seemed that Crawford did not see or even hear the officers.

The case has been given to a special prosecutor, who will present it to a grand jury late September, the news site notes.

Read more at the Raw Story. See video report directly below.


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  1. Why does it matter if he was “African American” and the officers were white? It doesn’t. It only continues to fuel the hate. If we are all the same why keep up the us against them mentality? This is us agaisnt the police or security officers not white against black.

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