Cops Hold Mom & 4 Young Kids At Gunpoint, Realize Error, But Dept. Refuses to Apologize

kametra barbour

*Just when you thought you had heard it all where irresponsible police activity and behavior is concerned – especially as it is played out in the presence of African Americans, comes this “If this don’t beat all” moment. Kametra Barbour and her kids were recently subjected to a horrifying police stop.

According to ABC 7 Chicago, Barbour said that she was pulled over at gunpoint by a police officer in Forney, Texas, .

With her four children—all under the age of 10—in tow, the mother was told to exit the vehicle with her hands up; before being handcuffed in front of her young children.

As it turns out, the police had received a call about four black men waving a gun out of the window in a beige or tan Toyota.

What this had to do with the maroon Nissan Barbour was driving remains a mystery.

When Barbour’s 6-year-old son got out of the car with his hands up, the cops realized that had made a mistake.

From ABC 7 Chicago:

Barbour: “What is wrong? My kids!”
Officer: “How old are they?”
Barbour: “They’re six and eight and ten, nine. What are we doing?”
Officer: “Hold on a second, okay?”
Barbour: “What is going on? Oh my God, you will terrify my children.”
Officer: “We got a complaint of a vehicle matching your description and your license plate, waving a gun out the window.”
Officer 1: “Do they look young to you?”
Officer 2: “They do to me.”
Officer 1: “Huh?”
Officer 2: “They do to me.”
Officer 1: “Yep, they’re young.”
Officer 1: “Gun down, gun down, gun down!”
Officer: “Ya’ll okay? Just ya’ll in the car?”
Child: “No im scared.”
Officer: “It’s okay.”
Child: “No, are we going to jail?”
Officer: “No. No one is going to jail.”
Child: (Scream, crying)
Officer: “Hey, stop crying. It’s okay. It’s okay. Everything’s fine now.”

Towards the end of the video you do hear an officer apologizing to the woman, saying something to the effect of “We take all calls seriously.” But the Forney Police Department refuses to apologize. They say that the officers acted appropriately given the nature of the call.

No words.

Watch video directly below and read more at ABC 7 Chicago

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