We’re All Petty Thiefs: 7 Small Items You’ve Probably Stolen At Some Point


*Now before you get your dandruff up, nobody’s saying you need to be put in jail. And you probably feel like the tiny, little item(s) you may have forgotten to return wouldn’t be missed anyway. Heck, you can probably even justify why you took the thing and neglected to give it back.

Still, you took it and you didn’t return it. In any language, that’s called theft!

Think I can’t possibly be talking about you? Think again.

1. Hotel Amenities.

Uh huh. You know you love staying at nice hotels with those fluffy white towels and linens.

More than one-third (35 percent) of hotel guests admit to stealing them. Of the countries surveyed, it looks like Denmark steals the least from hotels, and Colombia admits to stealing the most. The U.S. was not at the bottom, but we did rank pretty low on the honesty list, ranking in at No. 23 out of 29 countries.

2. Ink Pens.

This has got to be the number one “Oops! Is this yours?” item. If you take a look in your home office drawer, 4 out of the 5 pens you see most likely belonged to someone else at one time.

Pen theft is so common around the office that 70 percent of office employees say they’ve had a pen go missing, and 40 percent have actually caught a co-worker stealing their pen red-handed.

3. A spot in line at the store.

I know. I know. We don’t think of cutting in line as “stealing” – after all, its not like its a tangible item. But look at it this way, you’re actually stealing time from someone.

That person now has to wait longer because the line cutter stole the spot he or she waited for. This can be a dangerous move, depending on how the person who stood there waiting reacts to what you did.

The Journal of Personality of Social Psychology studied how people react in this situation. Although its research is dated, it is still compelling. When someone cuts in line, people object 54 percent of the time. When two people try to cut, however, people objected much more frequently — about 91 percent of the time.

4. Parking spots.
Danger! The parking lot of your favorite mall is full to the max and your movie starts in five minutes! You see a spot opening up a few cars up, but should you ignore the driver in the car positioned to get it next?
At one time or another, most people have taken a parking spot that someone else had their eye on first.

parking lot
5. Magazines.
Now you know your name is not Penelope Adams! So what are you doing with her magazine? Your love for the celebrity on the cover is no excuse.
Many doctor’s offices and hair salons have piles of magazines in the waiting area to reduce boredom during the waiting period. Have you ever accidentally taken one of those magazines home with you?

There’s two more items to check out. Can you honestly say you’ve never taken one of ’em.
I’m waiting…

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    身近にある、とあるアイテムで誰でも手軽に、それだけでなく近所に売っている安いもので、痛むパサパサ髪を ツヤツヤ華麗なヘヤーに復活させる手法を明かしています。



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