Mom’s ‘First Day of School Rap’ to Her Boys Will Tickle You!


*When sons Donavon and Dillon told mom Tonette Mouton they were “too old to be taking first-day-of-school” pics, she didn’t argue with them. Instead, she found a very creative way to get her point across and viewers on the Internet are digging it big time.

In her creative video rap, she gives them sound advice and even throws in the catchy chorus, “Now go to school boys.”

Hey, the background accompaniment ain’t bad either.

Mouton raps,

“Get your clothes together, your underwear too, don’t forget to put on some cologne boo. I’ll meet you guys, believe it or not, what the heck, I’m lying a lot. Just some advice, don’t act up at school, boys, this momma will act like a fool. Now go to school boys, what? Now go to school boys.”

Tonette gets her dance groove on in the video too, and her oldest son, who has already graduated high school, is looking cool in shades as he dances along in the background.

Though her high school senior thought the video was funny, her eighth grader wasn’t too happy about it. But just like any adolescent boy, his pout was nothing a pizza couldn’t cure.

This cute story may not be over yet. Tonette warns that her son, Donavon, is into music and will likely try to get the last word in with a “come back” of his own.

Until that time he will have to be OK with the fact that his mom is the rap star. HLN gave her a “round of applause.” KATC called her an awesome mom and posted the video to its Facebook page. The video was even shared with CNN by a Facebook user with a note that said  rapping momma “got even.”

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