Mother of Teen Who Did ‘Fire Challenge’ Arrested for Helping With Video

Mom of fire challenge teen

*The mother of the teen who participated in an online “fire challenge,” where he set himself on fire and videotaped it, has been arrested. She has been accused of helping construct the video, which supported the  trend on social media.

According to the Associated Press, several media outlets reported that 41-year-old Janie Lachelle Talley, of Charlotte, North Carolina, has been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police detectives say Talley’s 16-year-old son doused himself with fingernail polish on July 29 and set himself on fire. The police statement says Talley was present at the time and helped with the video recording.

Though friends of the teen eventually put the fire out, he did suffer minor burns to his chest and neck.


Someone notified the Department of Social Services about the incident and police began investigating.

It is not clear if Talley has acquired legal representation.


2 thoughts on “Mother of Teen Who Did ‘Fire Challenge’ Arrested for Helping With Video”

  1. Mental examination is in order for this mother. Common sense did not cross her mind when he was about to do this. As a mother, it is her responsibility to protect her child from everything that is harmful to him. I’m happy that she was reported to DSS because there may be other children that can possibly be in danger. It is extremely sad.

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