Another Horrific Historical Eye-Opener: Black Babies Were Once Used As Alligator Bait (Video)

Black Babies once used as bait

*Graphic content.

It doesn’t get much worse than this. Some things you just wish you didn’t know. But not knowing something just keeps us ignorant. We have to know these things because they are a part of our African American experience. Our history.

A shocking and hurtful video talks about how the babies of slaves were stolen when the women weren’t watching, and taken to a swamp area late at night. The babies were aged infant to toddler to one year old. In the swamp they were set in cages, tied from the waist and neck and placed in pens that resembled chicken coups until they were thrown in the water; where they would attract big, fat alligators that weighed 600 – 800 lbs.

The alligators would come immediately and clamp down on the child, devouring him. This made it easier for the men to drag them ashore, skin them, and get the meat or simply use the skin to make materials such as purses, shoes, etc.

So, a review. The babies of African American slaves were used as bait to lure alligators.

Here’s another piece of black history to take with you to the table at the meeting where talks of reparations occur.

Dr. Boyce Watkins  encourages African Americans to keep studying black history because we’re going to find a lot of things out that our teacher never taught us. Read his Your Black World article; where he speaks about why black people continue the talks on reparations,  he also asks that we please be sure to share this with our children and anyone else who wants to know.  He reminds us that the Internet era is an opportunity for black people to regain the history that has been stolen from us.

Watch the video all the way through, no matter how painful it might be, and then take a second to wonder if you think that we deserve reparations.

A plan is implementable if we choose to move forward….but we have to give our politicians a little “shove.”

3 thoughts on “Another Horrific Historical Eye-Opener: Black Babies Were Once Used As Alligator Bait (Video)”

  1. Oh. My. God. Please tell me this is an urban legend. I was just eating my breakfast when I read this and can’t finish.

  2. Very much a reality,my grand mother told me these stories of people she knew in her child hood that were fed to the diversity for me…

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