Grandma Fatally Stabs 6-Year-Old Grandson After She Told Him, ‘I’ve Got a Surprise For You!’


*Warning: This story contains graphic details. According to WCTV, authorities in northern Florida say a grandmother is the main suspect in the stabbing of her 6-year-old grandson. Prosecutors say Martha White told Mason Rhinehart and his brother she had a surprise for them, and then took Mason in the bathroom and stabbed him.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office said deputies responded to a 911 call Tuesday morning at a home in the Killearn Lakes neighborhood just north of Tallahassee. They discovered that Mason had been stabbed multiple times in the chest.

The boy was taken to the hospital, but he did not survive. He died two days before his seventh birthday.

Martha White, 63, was found covered in blood, with a bottle of wine and some xanax, in a neighborhood park. Tallahassee station WCTV showed her handcuffed and being taken away in an ambulance. She has since been charged with first degree murder and is being held in the Leon County Jail without bond.

The boys father is said to have given a horrifying account of what happened inside that home, according to a statement made by a family attorney and provided to WCTV.

“We are not clear on the motive at this point in time and that’s one of many things that investigators are continuing to dig into,” Leon County Sheriff’s Office Spokesman James McQuaig said.

Arrest papers paint a terrifying picture of what happened inside the home on Bass Ridge Trail Tuesday. Six-year-old Mason and his 8-year-old brother Aidan were watching video games, it says, when White told them she had a surprise for them.

The older brother told detectives White took Mason into the bathroom and closed the door. He says he heard his brother screaming, “Don’t kill me Grandma!” but when he tried to open the door it was locked.

In a statement released by a family attorney, the boy’s father Zack White said the brother called him and told him what was happening.

“I told Aidan to pound on the door just as loud as he could, he said. He yelled his brother’s name. When there was no answer I told Aiden to go and hide.”

Aiden says he saw his grandma leave the house with a bottle of wine, saying, she had a surprise for him too.

Though authorities say they have no  clear motive, arrest records say White told the deputies that arrested her that she was “Fed up” with the boys’ mother.

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2 thoughts on “Grandma Fatally Stabs 6-Year-Old Grandson After She Told Him, ‘I’ve Got a Surprise For You!’”

  1. This is so heart breaking. This woman must have been a mental case all along,and no one realized how off she truly was. And that poor child,and his little brother will need mental help seriously after this. Grandmother’s, are the ones children can feel safe with, this is a serious black eye, to us grandmother’s. I would cut my wrist before I would let anyone hurt my grand babies.

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