Watch: Homeless Man ‘Will Sang 4 Food’ (And You’ll Be Glad He Did!)

Will Sang for food

*People are getting creative and using their innate talents as resources to get what they need. Just ask Byon Artrell McCullough, a homeless South Carolina man with a voice – a gift – that would make you scratch your head and question why he isn’t living the life of a John Legend.

The 28-year-old has been on the streets since he was released from prison, but he proudly wears a sign that reads, “Will Sang 4 food.”

And your ears will be happy that he did.

“Am I homeless? Yes. Am I a bum? No,” McCullough told the New York Daily News.

His Twitter handle is No Cash Flo, and he was in prison for three-and-a-half years for drug charges. But now as he works on turning his life around he has found a resourceful way to earn his keep and show his talent in the process.

“I’m trying to show, if you show people you are trying to help yourself first, then people will be more willing to give you help,” he said. “Homeless people are people, too. Life does just happen, that can make people feel overwhelmed at times. People should stop judging the homeless. If you don’t have money to give them, try to give them some guidance and support.”

Good advice indeed!

He has over 600 followers on Twitter – and apparently sings a diverse array of songs, including country. One video that he uploaded recently went viral, and you can’t deny that the man’s got skills.

McCullough is not one to feel sorry for himself, and he told the Daily News that he may be homeless technically, he’s not down and out. He occasionally stays with friends and family and recently picked up a painting job.

From the looks of things, at least on the video I saw, he may have to change his Twitter handle from No Cash Flo soon. After 20 minutes on the street, he made $204.00! That’s more than most people make in an entire day!

One can only hope that someone “out there” with the resources to help him get his music career off the ground, will see the video and reach out to him.

I ‘m pretty sure we’ll be hearing more on this brother. Let’s file this under stay tuned…

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