Raymond Burse, Interim Preident at KSU, Cut Salary By $90K for Employee Raises

Raymond Burse
Raymond Burse


*Talk about putting your money where your mouth is.  It sure is nice to know that one player in the money game, still has a conscience and a heart. When Kentucky State University interim president, Raymond Burse, realized his gargantuan salary was at least one of the reasons some employees were making low wages, he did more than feel bad for them. He stepped up in a big way, to the tune of $90K!

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, Burse voluntary slashed his $349,869 annual salary by $90,000 so that the money could go towards raising the minimum wage of current workers. The raise will go into effect immediately could and will be available for new hires too.

Burse served as president of the university in the 1980s, but left to  work as a senior executive for General Electric, according to Vox. He will remain in the interim position for a year while the board looks for a permanent replacement for the previous president, who retired in June.

“This is not a publicity stunt. You don’t give up $90,000 for publicity. I did this for the people. This is something I’ve been thinking about from the very beginning,” Burse told the newspaper.

Hats off to you, Mr. Burse! Now we see how you roll.

Read more at the Lexington Herald-Leader and Vox.

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