Middle School Teacher Fired for Nude ‘Selfies’ on Cellphone Speaks Out: ‘I’m the Victim Here!’

Lekeshia Jones

*Don’t expect Lekeshia Jones to go down without a fight!

The former Natchez, Miss., debutante and fired middle school teacher said she feels like the victim. After all, it was her students who broke in to her cellphone and discovered the nude selfies.

Jones knew something was up when her Myers Middle School students never returned from an errand she’d sent them on. When she finally located them, the surprised students were huddled over their cellphones in her classroom checking out the nude selfies Jones had of herself on the phone they’d broken into.

But they didn’t stop at just gawking, giggling and gossiping about what they had seen, they took it a step further and snapped copies of the images with their phones, before texting them to their friends and classmates and posted them on social media sites.

It was the guilt of one of the culprits a month later that made her come forward in tears to show the teacher the effects of the prank; which had gotten way out of control and had become a sordid school-wide social media sensation.

Well, everything went downhill from there for Jones, who said,

“Back home my family is prominent. I’m the Natchez Indians (Mardis Gras Ball) Queen. Nothing like this has ever happened to me.”

On Wednesday, the Savannah-Chatham school board fired Jones. Their claims were that she was irresponsible with her phone, and that she did not properly handle the situation or report the incident. They also said she was insubordinate in the weeks that followed.

Jones was accused of giving the students her cellphone password for personal calls and left the phone unattended. They also say she didn’t report the incident, but instead, asked students to text the social media posts generated back to her so she could track down the culprits on her own.

When district officials found out about it and removed Jones from Myers pending termination, they said she failed to report to work for three weeks. During that time they say Jones also forged a 2015 teaching contract offer in order to secure a loan.

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The officials claim that when Jones finally resumed work at DeRenne Middle, she left her phone unattended again! And it was taken by yet another student.

Jones didn’t present a defense or object to any of the statements or evidence presented at her termination hearing, but said she plans to appeal to state board of education officials.

The educator does not feel she is in the wrong for having nude photos of herself on her personal phone, said the students are the ones who are at fault.

“I feel like I’m the victim,” Jones said. “I’m grown…Whatever is in my phone is my business … There is nothing in the policy about what you can or cannot have in your phone.”

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