Watch: Boy, 12, Stabs Playmate to Death, Then Borrows Phone to Tell Cops ‘Come Pick Me Up’

Boy stabs playmate
Random: Police say the 12-year-old didn’t know the young boy he attacked and he didn’t live in the trailer park near the playground

*In one of the strangest and saddest occurrences to ever happen, one young boy fatally stabbed another because he says he felt unloved.

After stabbing the 9-year-old boy in the playground, the 12-year-old  asked a stranger if he could borrow his cell phone and called 911 to say, ‘Hi. I just stabbed somebody. Please pick me up.’

The victim, Michael Conner Verkerke, was stabbed in the back with a kitchen knife around 6pm on Monday and pronounced dead at the hospital.

He had never even met his killer.

Michael and two friends had been playing with the 12-year-old at a playground in the trailer park near his home in Kentwood, Michigan, authorities say. The older boy suddenly pulled out a knife and attacked the nine-year-old.

Conner managed to run to his porch with two of his friends, but he collapsed once there, and died a little while later.

The stranger, Glen Stacy, told the Grand Rapids Press that he was doing yard work when the boy calmly walked up to him and asked to use his phone. Thinking the child was about to call his mother, he was shocked when he overheard him calling 911 and admitting to the brutal crime.

Mr. Stacy says the boy told police: ‘I want to die. I don’t want to be on this earth anymore. Please pick me up.’ The boy also explained himself saying he had ‘taken too many pills’ and nobody loved him.

See news report in video below.

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