Talking ATM Shocks Users: Gives ‘Free Money’ and Gifts to Loyal Customers (Watch)

Man gets surprise money from bank in canada

*Imagine you go to the ATM at your friendly neighborhood bank and it greets you…by name. Not impressed? OK, add to that, the talking machine  gives you free money. Uh huh, I knew that would make you reconsider.

Meet the newest Internet sensation, an ATM machine – that’s “Automatic Thanking Machine” – that talks to people and not only gives them free money, but gifts too.

The reactions of shocked customers are priceless and over 3 million people have clicked on the Youtube videos. Some of the stories behind the pictures are quite poignant, too.

Especially the tear-jerker one where…

…Christine Todd had always wanted to take her two boys on a vacation but never could – until the ATM gave her tickets to Disneyland and two $1,000 checks for their education.

Or how about the elderly woman who…

… got a plane ticket to Trinidad to visit her cancer-stricken daughter?

The banks’ senior VP, Chris Stamper, said 12 customers were ‘pre-selected’ and told to come in to test out a new machine.

He added: “Our local branch employees know their customers really well and often have close relationships with them. Some have been through tough times and some are just wonderfully kind and caring people.

“They had no idea what was in store.”

The Automatic Thanking Machine was set up at four Canadian branches: Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.

This has got to be the best promo move a bank has ever made. See the touching video of responses below.

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