Horrific New Game: How Could a ‘Fire Challenge’ Not Go Wrong? (Watch)


*You may also be thinking, “what in the hell is wrong with these fools? Who would douse himself with an accelerant and light himself on fire? Meet the new, ridiculous “challenge” circulating on FaceBook that is meant to make us laugh at the person running around aflame.

What, I ask, would be funny about this; and how could something not go terribly wrong?

One 15-year-old boy is dead from the injuries he sustained while performing the challenge. James Shores burned to death after his entire body was engulfed in flames.

The #FireChallenge involves covering your body with a flammable substance before setting yourself on fire. The person’s “friends” will  then video the act and share it on the internet. This is the part where you are supposed to laugh as you watch the reaction from the burning person.

Shores used alcohol and was set ablaze by his friends. ‘Fire Challenge’ participants usually do this inside of the shower in case the fire spreads. Shores was nowhere near a shower nor any other water source. His friends attempted unsuccessfully to put the fire out, and he later died from his injuries.

Police are warning participators about the dangers of this act and have urged the public to stop sharing the videos.

Police Commissioner James Daniels spoke with News-Two saying, “We are deeply saddened by this tragedy and offer our condolences to the family. It is paramount that the public stop sharing these videos. The people who participate in this so-called “game” do so for the notoriety and short-lived fame they receive on the internet. Taking away this fame could deter others from making the same mistake.”

FaceBook is doing their part by deleting all #FireChallege videos off of their website.

EURThisNThat presents this as a warning to parents to keep a close eye on your teens. Make sure they are NOT participating in this horrific game.

RAW: The video below is not of the young man who died. This is another participant.


4 thoughts on “Horrific New Game: How Could a ‘Fire Challenge’ Not Go Wrong? (Watch)”

  1. Absolutely horrific!!!!! It is sick and dangerous what people’s obsession with fame will have them do to themselves. I hope the young man in the video is okay.

  2. Please pay attention to your service. The name James Shores is indeed correct but the info is not. It is from a not so funny satire site. As foolish as this challenge is luckily no one has actually died

  3. Where are you getting your info from, Charles? You’ve got to give us more than that.

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