Attorney Seeks to Dismiss Mans’ Claim That Doctors Amputated His Penis


*Dang, we know money is tight for many folks, but seriously?

Two Alabama doctors have been accused of amputating a man’s penis in an alleged botched circumcision; but now an attorney has filed a motion that seeks to dismiss the claims.

Attorney Mike Florie says his clients, Dr. Michael Bivins and Dr. Alan Aikens, never performed a circumcision on Johnny Lee Banks Jr. that involved the removal of tissue or the amputation of the man’s penis. He said the suit’s claims are false.

John Graves, the attorney for Banks, filed the lawsuit that accused the doctors and their affiliates, on July 22. The suit seeks an unspecified amount of money.

Still, Graves says he stands firmly by the allegations but would not comment on specifics of the case.

“I don’t file frivolous lawsuits,” he said.

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