Mad at Repo Man! Woman Bites Tow Truck Driver & Smashes Windows on Her Caddy (Watch)

Tow truck driver bitten

*Some people go berserk when the repo man tries to take their ride. Just ask the tow truck driver of an attempted repossession in Spartanburg, South Carolina. A video of the incident is now going viral. Authorities say the woman who previously owned the truck, broke the windows and bit the repo man! The “bitten man” and owner of Mission Towing and Recovery, Scott Fowler, does say that the bite is getting better, but he told the court on Tuesday that the video is causing him to get death threats from someone.

When Fowler found the early 2000s Cadillac Escalade, he went to work. But the owner was not going to let it go down like that. So when he loaded the car up to tow onto the street, 29 year-old Lakeisha Smith got in and revved up the engine, had the tires screeching, all in an attempt to get the truck down from the bed, to no avail.

“Sometimes people get mad and use profanity, and try to come back with revenge in some small amount,” says Fowler.

But Fowler says Smith ran outside, bit him, then climbed in the truck and  started smashing out windows when she couldn’t get the Escalade down. Since then, Fowler says he’s received death threats from blocked numbers. “It’s definitely an experience, it’s not something I see every day nor do I wanna see it every day, so it’s pretty scary yeah,” adds Fowler.

Smith faced charges of assault and battery in the third degree for biting Fowler. Judge Burns released the woman on a $2,100 personal recognizance bond, saying she was not a flight risk. But Fowler says she’s at least a financial risk. He was hired by Auto Money Title Loans to recover the Escalade. The company would not speak to News 13 on camera.

Smith went to social media to brag about the incident saying, “out of three title loans they finally took my black baby.” And “these gave me a hit and made me famous,” asking “who all wants an autograph?”

The car is still in Fowler’s possession,  but he says it’s a total loss. “If everyone would take personal responsibility, she could have made her car payments and all of this would have been avoided. For what she’s gonna spend in fines and jail time, she could have just paid for her car and she’d still have her car nor her money,” he says.

According to Spartanburg Police, the title loan company won’t pursue criminal charges, only civil damages against Smith, who has apparently had issues with repo companies before. News 13 says this isn’t the first time she has been involved in an altercation with a repo company. On at least two prior incidents in 2011 and 2012, she attempted to get that Escalade back in the middle of a repossession. Not until Monday night, was the repossession finally successful.

On the video, you can hear the woman say, “I don’t care” at one point – to no one in particular. And later, after standing and watching the woman smash out the windows, you can hear a man say, “If she turns on me, I’m going to put her in the morgue.


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