Delta Passengers Raise Stink After Parents Encourage Toddler to Poop on Planes’ Seat

Delta Airlines

*We’ve seen how proud parents act when their little tyke or tykette makes a poo-poo like a big boy or girl. But when a Chinese couple decided to encourage their toddler to go poo-poo and then commenced to spreading newspaper down on the airplane seat for him to do so, Delta Airlines customers really kicked up a stink.

The flight, which originated in Beijing and is thought to have left late last week, was headed to Detroit; and travelers watched in disbelief as the family is said to have ignored pleas from the airplane crew and passengers – who asked them to take the child to the restroom.

Instead, the child’s grandparents, who were also on board, insisted on letting the boy stay where he was, according to witnesses.

The incident clearly embarrassed the Chinese people, as comments on Weibo, the Chinese social network, blasted the family by expressing their disgust, and even condemned the family for embarrassing their homeland.

5 thoughts on “Delta Passengers Raise Stink After Parents Encourage Toddler to Poop on Planes’ Seat”

  1. more typical dirty chinese PIGS…. its not racism as I have no degraded them I have identified them due to their action as being pigs as this is what pigs do. They are 90% same, I would have smashed the fk out of the grandparents, then rubbed the sh*t into their face and them to sit with it on themselves until plane landed for them to experience what everyone else had to. These people must be banned asap!!!

  2. @Phill, It is racism, because you’re not separating the behavior of individuals vs the population, so by saying “more typical dirty chinese,” it certainly sounds racists.

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