Want to Live Longer – Stand Up at Work – Check Out the Treadmill Desk


*Oh the power of taking a stand.

We have all heard the cliche, “Stand for something or fall for anything.” We stand in line to make purchases at the store. We stand in line to register at the DMV – heck, we stand up to vote! But how often do we actually stand up at work; especially those of us with sedentary occupations.

Like me, sitting here writing.

But one scientist -slash-doctor says STANDING can actually save your life. He actually spent most of his life studying the terrible consequences of people sitting on their butt for hours on end.

Thing is, sitting is such a natural thing to do, most of us do it — without even realizing. And doing this is said to  significantly increase our risk of cancer, heart disease, obesity and more.

So back to this doctor, who wanted to get creative in his quest to get people moving again. “That’s why I — a respectable scientist —ended up stripping off in front of one of the most powerful businessmen in the world,” he said.

But let me explain. A few years ago, my team at the Mayo Clinic in the U.S. wired people up in special high-tech underwear to measure all their non-exercise movements in their daily lives.

Thin people who do the same kind of desk jobs as obese people, we discovered, remain thin because they move more — for example, taking the stairs, going for a walk or even just standing up. And it turned out that people with obesity sit on their bottoms two hours and 15 minutes more per day than their lean friends. In other words, we proved that chairs are fattening.

Dr. Toni Yancey, professor of health services at U.C.L.A., gets work done while riding a recumbent bicycle at home. She also uses a treadmill desk at the office.Credit Stephanie Diani for The New York Times

After seventeen emails, the scientist got a meeting with an Apple exec.

“I got an appointment with Tony Fadell, a vice-president of Apple. Which is how I came to find myself at Apple HQ, sweating profusely in front of Fadell and his staff, and painfully aware that I had just one shot at achieving my goal.

As I started to explain the results of our research, I slowly began to strip. By the time I was down to my swimming trunks, from which various wires protruded, the whole room had plunged into silence. Want to know how this ended?



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