Vine User Rashid Polo: ‘If Profiling Keeps Happening, I’ll Have to Record It’ (Watch)

Rashid Polo Screenshot of Rashid Polo Vine video
Rashid Polo: Screenshot of Rashid Polo Vine video


*And if I were you, convenience store employee, I would not take the threat lightly. Rashid Polo, became an Internet sensation last week after his Vine video of convenience store employees following him drew 30 million views.

Inspiration indeed, to continue filming his racial profilers.

“If it keeps happening, I’m going to be forced to record it,” he told the Hollywood Reporter. “Hopefully it doesn’t happen again, because it’s very annoying and it’s a touchy subject with many people.”

His theory about the racial profiling he experienced is that it was most likely a by-product of living in a small Minnesota town. “‘You’re a young minority and you’re probably going to steal, so let’s keep an eye on you,’” Polo said of his profilers’ thought process, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Polo, 19, hopes that the video’s success will be a warning to any convenience store employee that would even think about following him around in the future. Hopefully, they will recognize him and think, “Oh, crap, we’re not going to follow you. You’re that guy on Vine.”

Polo, who says he had a lot of followers even before the video, explained to the news site that his video went viral literally overnight. Another Viner with more than 1 million followers shared Polo’s video, and when he woke up the next morning, he had thousands of new followers.

He said that having media outlets like BuzzFeed—a publication he has “read [his] whole life”—write an article about him certainly helped his video make a bigger splash. “All these sites I’ve been reading, having me on there—it’s a lot to take in,” he told the Hollywood Reporter. “Before all of this, I had 100,000 [views on Vine], and in the course of a few days I had 10 million.”

According to the news site, Polo is thinking about making this a career. “At first I didn’t take it very seriously, but I feel like it could lead to something bigger if I keep it up,” Polo said.

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