The Actions of ‘Sexually Frustrated’ Women Resurface on Social Media


*Used to be a time when the only people even expected to talk about sex were men. A man thinks nothings of boasting about “tappin’ that!” or “Hittin’ this!” Well, apparently, they can talk all they want; women always were more “action-oriented.” And there are two stories that seem to be circulating on social media that show they, too, have expectations that apparently were not fulfilled, so instead of talking – they took some pretty extreme measures to show exactly how they feel.

A Detroit judge recently granted bond to a woman convicted of assault earlier this year after she shot and nearly killed her boyfriend of 15 years “over bad sex,” according to the headline. Sadie Bell, 58, suspected her married boyfriend—who she has been with for more-than-a-decade—was cheating on her (her “proof” is a little too graphic to explain). Seems kind of ironic, right? She expects a married man who has been having an affair with her, to be faithful to her when he is obviously cheating on his wife (yeah, with her).


Sadie Bell thought the man she was cheating with, was being unfaithful to her so she shot him.
Sadie Bell thought the man she was cheating with, was being unfaithful to her so she shot him.


According to, this one has had people laughing all year on social media. The idea of a mature woman being sexually frustrated and feeling entitled to being pleased in the bedroom just like a man must seem like a relatively new concept to some people. Also, the idea of a woman being so enraged about a man’s perceived inadequacy provides a great opportunity for men to lie…er, boast, about how that would never be them. How could it? We all know that every man puts it down every single time! Wink. Wink.

It has all made for a great battle-of-the-sexes debate, but unfortunately, not much talk has been about the real issue here: This woman is clearly not stable. Shooting someone for any reason outside of self defense is not an option; but also, you don’t go shooting a lover because they don’t satisfy you sexually. That’s just dumb!

This is supposedly the 2nd time that Bell pulled a stunt like this. She allegedly shot her husband in 1991, but was never prosecuted. No telling who she might shoot in the future if they don’t “do the deed” right.

Jus’ saying.

The other sex story making the rounds is that of a 26-year-old wife who received a spreadsheet from her husband detailing the times she’s turned him down for sex in the last six weeks. He sent the email to her work account as she was leaving town for a 10-day business trip, then he refused to correspond with her. We, the public, know about this because the ticked-off wife posted the story on Reddit, where Reddit posters had a field day with the story.

Read more about sexually frustrated wife #2 at The Root here.





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