Comcast Is So Embarrassed: The Customer Service Call They Hoped You Wouldn’t Hear (Listen)


*Hey, raise your hand if this ever happened to you. Oh boy, that’s a lot of hands. And you say it has happened more than once? Yep, to many of us. You call the customer service department of your cable network to have your services disconnected, and instead of a “Yes, right away sir (or) ma’am” you get a long road of twists and turns.

This is what happened to one customer of cable and Internet giant, Comcast. But the thing is, the customer service rep was not counting on the tech-savvy nature of the person he was speaking to.

Hee. Hee. Hee.

No doubt out of frustration, the California customer posted eight minutes of telephone conversation online after he tried repeatedly to get a customer service representative to disconnect his service.

It seems the problem arose when the customer, Ryan Block, did not supply a “reason” as to why he wanted the service cancelled – a question the unidentified Comcast rep asked for repeatedly. At one point, Block says, ‘‘I can guarantee right now that you are doing an incredibly good job of helping your company be worse.’’

The employee finally relented and disconnected the service. But the damage has been done, because the phone conversation has now gone viral.

The Philadelphia-based Comcast said Tuesday that the employee’s behavior is unacceptable and the company is ‘‘embarrassed’’ by it. Comcast said it would contact Block to apologize.

Block, who says he is a vice president for AOL, said he expects to talk to Comcast personnel.

5 thoughts on “Comcast Is So Embarrassed: The Customer Service Call They Hoped You Wouldn’t Hear (Listen)”

  1. That rep was probaly trained to harass customers into not disconnecting. Now Comcast “embarrassed”

  2. Comcast puts a lot of pressure on retention reps to not take that disconnect. The rep really wants the guy to hang up. So the next rep can get that call and take the hit.

  3. This is a crazy call. I would have just hung up and call back to talk to someone else.

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