Awww How Sweet: Birthday Surprise Given By Wife to Husband Goes Viral

Wife gives hubby great birthday pre
Jenn and Gary Hamilton

*Wow! Imagine its your birthday, and people you don’t even know start sending you Twitter and Instagram messages wishing you a “Happy Birthday!” That’s what happened to Jennifer Hamilton’s husband, and all the love blew him away!

Jennifer –aka Jenn– wanted the world to know just how special her hubby is to her; and she decided to give him a birthday present he wouldn’t soon forget.

Gary Hamilton told Mashable how the night before his 32nd birthday, his wife went around NYC posting fliers she had just printed and included a sweet message on them requesting a little help from strangers. Beneath a photo of his beautiful smile, Jenn asked anyone who read it to send Gary a birthday wish on either Instagram or Twitter using #32is32. ”

Gary said that his wife wrote, ‘He’s seriously the best,’ but the real truth is that she is.”

Gary says his phone buzzed non-stop with birthday messages from random strangers all day. He admitted that at first, all of the online attention made him feel a combination of shock and embarrassment.

“But the fact that it was Jenn’s idea and people that don’t even know me took time out of their busy New York City schedules to help celebrate my day was pretty awesome,” said Gary.  He received messages from all over Manhattan and the outer boroughs.

“At times, people feel like in order for a birthday to feel special, they have to spend gratuitous amounts of money to make the day special, but that’s not always the case [here],” said the happy hubby.

We so agree with Essence. This has to be one of the sweetest ways social media has ever been used for a birthday surprise. What do you think?

Check out what one of the fliers looks like here:

Wifes birthday present to hubby

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