‘It’s Daddy’s Version of the Bun’ Video Goes Viral

Dad does girls hair

*Careful, its obviously a very delicate process that this daddy takes very seriously. He gently gathers the hair of his 7-year-old daughter, then starts to delicately brush it upward. When he gets a good, tight grip – he instructs his little girl to “spin” as her hair becomes easier to wrap into a tidy little bun, perfect for her active lifestyle. It’s probably fair to assume that this has been a daily strategy for quite some time.

The little girl calls it, “Daddy’s Version of the Bun”… Priceless.

Earl Hayes Raglin Jr. obviously loves being a dad; and does his daughter’s hair all the time. So he was surprised at the attention his 30-second clip of the technique received online. At his daughter’s request, he posted it on several social sites, because she wanted to be in a YouTube video.

“That’s just me being me,” said Raglin, 35, of Lexington, Kentucky. “That’s just stuff we do every day.”

That “stuff” has been melting hearts on the Internet as the video went viral in the last two weeks and even landed on BuzzFeed.

To this dad, it was just a day in the life of helping his most precious daughter, Jordyn, as she embarks on her interests, be it a new hairstyle or watching her latest  cheer leading cheer.

“If it’s something she wants to do, I will try my best to do it, and if I can’t, I’ll learn until we get it right,” Raglin said. “I’m just a normal dad doing fun things with my kid.”

Raglin, a single father of one, says it’s all part of his desire to be the best dad he can be.

“I look at being a father as a gift,” he said. “It’s giving us another opportunity to be a kid again. I’m 35, but when I’m around her, I’m 7.”

Watch the video that went viral within two weeks below.

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