NY Teen, 18, Arrested After He Kills Brother & Beats Doctor-Mom into Coma

Teen kills brother, mom in coma
Arrested: Charles Okonkwo Jr., 18, who admitted to ‘hurting’ his mother and younger brother, has a history of mental illness, says his lawyer

*A teen from Long Island, New York, that was known to have a history of psychiatric problems was arrested over the weekend for the murder of his 15-year-old brother and a brutal assault on his mother – a respected physician; who is now in a coma, police say.

Charles Okonkwo Jr., 18, was charged with assault on his mother, Chinwe Okonkwo, 52, on Saturday in Dix Hill, New York. However, he has yet to be charged with the death of  his brother Bradley.

Mrs Okonkwo is a respected Brooklyn physician that has received the Congressional Leadership Award and runs Hope Outreach Foundation, a nonprofit organization that promote public health in Brooklyn and across the world.

It was Mrs. Okonkwo’s husband, Charles Okonkwo Sr., that found his wife and dead son upon his return home from a hospital stay on Saturday night. His son, Bradley, was found in his bedroom and his wife lay unconscious in a pool of blood next to her car in the garage, Newsday reports.

Bradley Okonkwo
Bradley Okonkwo

Mrs. Okonkwo was airlifted to a nearby hospital, where she remains in critical condition. She suffered facial fractures and doctors have had to relieve swelling on her brain.

Doctor, Chinwe Okonkwo

The story continues with a lot more interesting elements. As you read you may realize how unrelenting mental illness can be. It spares no one, even if you come from a two-parent family and live in a beautiful home. Read more about the Okonkwo family at MailOnline here.

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