Justice For African Americans: White Preacher Sets Himself On Fire To Inspire Social Reform


*Haunted by demons, and unwilling to continue living with the horrors of the past, and current issues surrounding racism in America, retired Caucasian pastor Charles Moore, 79, made the ultimate sacrifice to affect change and inspire social reform. A man who had dedicated his life in the fight to end racism, Moore wrote and left behind a suicide note that reportedly states he has decided to kill himself  because he was haunted by the past lynchings of African Americans and wanted his death to inspire social reform, according to the New York Daily News.

The note from the United Methodist clergyman was left on the  windshield of his car and reportedly stated…

“Many African-Americans were lynched around here. I have decided to join them by giving my body to be burned,” he wrote.

Police say Moore drove to the parking lot of a Dollar Store; which was in a town where racism had once reigned supreme and lynchings were a common practice.

It was there that Moore doused himself with gasoline and struck a match. Though people nearby made attempts to put out the flames,  Moore was pronounced dead after being transported to a nearby hospital.

Moore’s letter also described how the cruel and inhumane racist acts he had witnessed as a young child never stopped troubling his soul:

“When I was about 10 years old, some friends and I were walking down the road toward the creek to catch some fish, when a man called ‘Uncle Billy’ stopped us and called us into his home for a drink of water — but his real purpose was to cheerily tell us about helping to kill ‘n–s’ and put their heads up on a pole,” he wrote. “A section of Grande Saline was (maybe still is) called ‘pole town,’ where the heads were displayed. It was years later before I knew what the name meant.

The suicide note also gave insight on why he decided to sacrifice himself in the way that he did.

“I have no significant achievements to offer.  So I am laying down my life here today, in order to call attention to issues of great human concern.”

Read more about this social activists sincere efforts and selfless acts at News One here.

RIP Charles Moore.



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