Oops!! You Can’t Tell A Book By It’s Cover! White Man Slaps Black Woman–Turns Out She’s A Judge

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*A white small business owner in Chicago may find himself missing some days at work soon. There’s a good chance he’ll be standing in front of the very woman he spit on and slapped. Only thing is, this time she’ll be wearing a robe. He is facing some very serious charges after allegedly spitting on the Cook County judge and then slapping her with his open hand, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Judge Arnette Hubbard, an African American, was the first female president of black legal groups the National Bar Association and the Cook County Bar Association. She was allegedly attacked and called “Rosa Parks” after she smoked a cigarette near David Nicosia’s business, outside of a civic center, which apparently angered him, the news site reports.

The two started arguing, and Nicosia said, “Rosa Parks, move,” before spitting in her face. He then proceeded to leave, but Hubbard followed him, calling for help.

Judge who was spit on

That was when the man allegedly turned and slapped Hubbard—whom friends describe as an “icon in [the] community”—with his open hand.

Can you spell: Bad move?

Nicosia, who the Tribune says is president of an information technology consulting business, was soon cuffed and charged with four counts of aggravated battery and a hate crime. He is being held on a $90,000 bond.

“People of good common sense and decency, people of good hearts, should be outraged by this,” Delores Robinson, a past president of the Cook County Bar Association, told the Tribune. “Not just because of who she is but that this happened to anybody.”

Read more at the Chicago Tribune.

9 thoughts on “Oops!! You Can’t Tell A Book By It’s Cover! White Man Slaps Black Woman–Turns Out She’s A Judge”

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  2. This man need to thank God he slapped the right woman. I never go anywhere without my .357. If it had been me he spit on or slapped I would have put a slug through his racist ass.

  3. I would have done exactly what she did. She’s a judge and he will recognize that when she is done with him. Shooting him would have me locked up facing a murder charge. Who wins then?

  4. I am so glad his racist behind will be locked up for a nice long while . I bet he pissed his pants when he found out he slapped a judge. Messed up that time. He thought he was superior and big and bad and her he had gone and slapped an officer of the court.

    His bail should be higher. I hope he never sees the light of day.

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