Dang! Target Fired You Because The Shoplifter You Reported Was A Cop?


*Imagine getting fired just for doing your job.

That’s what happened to one Target worker who was positioned in the department of Loss Prevention for eight years until he reported witnessing a cop stealing toothpaste and other items from the store.

And the theft was even caught on tape…twice!

In May, Dallas Northington reported an alleged shoplifter he had seen on two different surveillance videos in Leesbury, Va. But thinking the man might be a sheriff’s deputy in a town closeby, he felt uncomfortable about approaching him, and reported him instead

Three days later Northington was fired.

Of course Target gives a different reason for the discharge, according to what the 29-year-old told the Washington Post. He said that Target claims he violated procedure (something about not completing the right paperwork before calling police) and was insubordinate (he didn’t get approval before calling police), but Northington says he followed the same procedure he’s carried out numerous times in the past.

Not surprisingly, the unidentified deputy in question, has since retired from the sheriff’s office, but has not yet been charged even though past shoplifters were charged within days, according to Northington.

Leesburg police say they’re still trying to confirm the identity of the suspect in this case.

And Northington’s lawyer says they will fight this case for as long as they have to.

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