3 thoughts on “Judged Harshly Because You Drive Your Mercedes To Pick Up Food Stamps?”

  1. It sounds like she told her business to friends and family for them to be able to give their opinion. I must say that I am offended when people on assistance haphazardly throw items in their basket as if it’s free, talk about the parties they have and the food they cook at them dor large groups to come and enjoy, have great paying jobs, but won’t declare who the father of their children are (the dad has a great job), so that they can receive extra benefits. I’m not a Republican, but I can’t stand the complacency, misuse, and overuse of welfare.

  2. So what she has a nice car,Wtf wrong with ppl she needs assistance from the government.What about the ppl that work for them and they steal billions of money.On top of that what about the immigrant that come and get benefits and send it out of country to support their families.For all that is against her FUCK YOU’LL AND THE FOOD STAMP PPL THEY JUST MAD CAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE MERCEDES

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