Waitress Finally Gets Her $1000 Tip…And This Time She Can Keep It!

Shaina Brown finally gets her money from the generous tipper!
Shaina Brown finally gets her money from the generous tipper!

*You guys remember we told about the Waffle House waitress who was overcome with joy after a generous person told her “I’m going to bless you tonight” and left her a humongous tip to the tune of one thousand dollars?

Well, if you remember that, how could you forget that the joy she felt quickly turned to sorrow, when her supervisor wouldn’t let her keep the money due to some kind of whack large tip policy the restaurant had!

For Shaina Brown, 26, the Mother’s Day incident was one she wouldn’t easily forget. She probably relived it again and again, over the course of a month. That is, until the generous tipper got wind of the situation and once again, “blessed her.”

The reason? A personal check for $1,000 made out directly to Brown.

According to Today.com, the Waffle House has issued a statement apologizing for the incident and saying that they will be reviewing its tipping procedures in order to “get tips to our associates quicker in these unusual situation(s).”

Brown had worked a 10-hour shift on Mother’s Day at a Waffle House in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was around 11p.m. when a customer entered with friends, and struck up a conversation with Brown.

“I told him I was a single parent, three children, working two jobs, going to school, doing what I have to do,” Brown told TODAY.com. “And he told me, ‘Shaina, I’m going to bless you tonight.’ At first I didn’t get the weight of the statement. I thought he was joking around.”

But he wasn’t.

The customer used his credit card to pay the food bill, and added a $1,500 tip – asking Brown to give $500 to the other waitress on shift that night.

“I didn’t shout for joy right then because I didn’t want to seem all dorky,” Brown said. “But I did after he left!”

She was giddy for the rest of the night, but then morning came, and when her boss arrived, the joy that had carried her for hours’ before, went right out the door.

After working at Waffle House for more than seven years, Brown learned for the first time that the chain routinely refunds generous tips left with credit cards in case customers later decide to dispute the amount.

Waitress, generous tip
Shaina Brown works 58 hours a week and dreams of becoming an English teacher. –Photo courtesy Shaina Brown

Brown was hurt to the core. She had immediately started planning what to do with the money; deciding on getting her car’s transmission fixed so she could stop relying on her mom for rides to work. As days passed and she realized she wasn’t getting anywhere with Waffle House, she contacted Josh Shaffer, a columnist for the News & Observer in Raleigh.

“She was righteously indignant,” Shaffer told TODAY.com. “She felt she had been wronged.”

Check out what Schaffer did next. Read the article at Today.com


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