San Francisco Comedian Wonders ‘What Will Happen If I Smoke Crack Publicly?’…Nothing! (Watch)

Marcus Tisdale

*And you thought Dave Chappelle was crazy when he said how brazen people were in San Francisco…Smoking crack right on the street.

Brother obviously knew something.

Now comedian Marcus Tisdale has decided to test Chappelle’s famous words by pretending to smoke crack on the streets of the city by the bay – in broad daylight – just to see what people will do.

Tisdale puts a straw through a hole in a plastic bottle with aluminum foil at the top (where the ‘crack’ supposedly is), and works the lighter making it appear that he is smoking crack. Numerous spectators eye him as they walk by. Some slow up. Others even stop and gawk. Even a pair of bicycle cops sit and watch him. Check it out, dude even walks in front of a playing band…And what do any of them do?

Absolutely nothing!

OK, one brother in a red vest does make him move to another location.

And the whole thing was filmed by Comedy Experiments.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

BTW, Marcus, if you read this, you sure have pretty teeth…So off topic, sorry 🙂

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